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Racial Equity Education

The Racial Equity Education professional development sessions are designed to engage the racial equity content that is lacking in educational programming within colleges and universities programming. The sessions offer partners the opportunity to face the key factors within the American racial socialization process that all Americans internalize. Through the correction of their racial miseducation, educators and professionals are positioned to utilize professional development in order to racially analyze their professional practice. This critical racial analysis will enable educators and professionals to better identify, investigate, and eradicate racial disparities, inequities, and injustices that manifest within their professional practice.

Healthy Racial Engagement Framework

Educators and professionals are positioned to internalize the Paraclete Partnerships Healthy Racial Engagement Framework at the Knowledge, Comprehension, and Application levels of Bloom’s taxonomy model of learning domains. Internalization of the Healthy Racial Engagement Framework at these three levels will enable educators and professionals to begin the work of analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating the intersection of the social construction of race and their professional practice.

Praxis for Racial Equity

Praxis for Racial Equity positions educators and professionals to utilize the programming in order to enhance their racial equity leadership performance. Partners purposefully focus on the development of their ability to facilitate the authentic and healthy engagement of others in this process. Praxis for Racial Equity is designed to solidify their critical racial consciousness & racial equity facilitator capacity.


Educational Racial Equity Action Research

Educational Racial Equity Action Research enables partners to explore manifestations of racial inequity within their professional practice. Systemic racial disparities impact all aspects of institutions and the individuals within them. Through EdREAR, partners analyze the dynamics of race within their professional practice in order to learn how best to eradicate racial disparities, inequities, and racism within their scope of authority and control.

Racial Equity Case Study

Racial Equity Case Study is the process of investigating professional practice in order to understand and analyze the critical qualitative and quantitative information that results from this purposeful research. The case study process utilizes the theory of action model to perform intensive racial equity research. The qualitative and quantitative data derived from the case study informs on-going assessment and evaluation of racial equity professional practice and programming.



Racial Equity ‘Life-Long Learning’ Cohort

This professional development program seeks to help educators shift from socialized racial dysconsciousness, practice, and culture to critical racial consciousness in each of these professional areas. Participants are positioned to establish and articulate their personal and collective critical race consciousness utilizing the Healthy Racial Engagement Framework in order to shift from socialized patterns of racial discourse as a combat to healthy racial discourse. Through this process, participants will develop their personal and collective ability to critically investigate and transform the impact of race in their professional practice. Annual REAR texts will be the curriculum.

Leadership Racial Equity Coaching

Engages Racial Equity Leadership Coaching with district leaders in order to develop, integrate, and support the implementation of their racial equity leadership. Develops curriculum and leads the team in the investigation of the contributing factors that result in racial inequity throughout the school system. Leads the team in the development of a systemic racial equity transformation plan that enacts a theory of action process designed to eradicate systemic racial inequity within the school system.

Family & Community Racial Equity Partnerships 

Partnership development for instructional, school culture, and collaboration engagements. F.A.C.E. partners engaging in educational racial equity programming and healthy racial discourse skill development. This programming is designed to build a foundation of partnership in the academic and life development of students within schools. Upon this foundation, family and community partnerships work to construct a sound school house that is edifying for all the individuals of the school community.

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