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Educational & Organizational  Equity Professiona l Learning

Educational and organizational equity professional learning sessions offer partners the opportunity to study the key factors within the American socialization process that contribute to inequity. Through comprehensive study, educators and professionals are positioned to utilize learning sessions to refine their professional practice. Healthy study of their professional practice will enable educators and professionals to better identify, investigate, and eradicate inequitable factors that obstruct progressive development.

Educational & Organization Action Research  for Equity

Action Research enables partners to explore manifestations of inequity within their professional practice. Systemic inequities impact all aspects of institutions and the individuals within them. Through this professional learning process, partners analyze the dynamics of inequitable socialization factors within their professional practice to learn how to best eradicate them within their scope of authority and control.

 Leadership Coaching Partnerships

Engages educational and organizational equity coaching with district leaders to develop, integrate, and support implementation of their equity leadership. Coaching sessions investigate the contributing factors that result in inequity throughout the school and organizational system. Leadership coaching partnerships engage the work of developing leadership plans that enable a theory of action process designed to eradicate systemic inequity within the system.

Family & Community Educational  Equity Partnership Building

Family and school partnership development for leadership, instructional, professional practice, school culture, and collaborative engagements. F.A.C.E. partners engaging in educational equity programming and healthy discourse skill development. This programming is designed to build a foundation of partnership in the academic and life development of students within schools. Upon this foundation, family and community partnership building engages work to construct a sound school house that is edifying for all the individuals of the school community.

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