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Live Intensive

Racial Equity Coaching

Partners engage racial equity leadership capacity development along Bloom’s stages of learning. Coaching focuses on educational racial equity concepts and the Paraclete Partnerships ‘Leadership 6’. Partners grow in their transformative journey of being a healthy racial equity leader.


Racial Equity Workshops

Partners engage the educational racial equity curriculum designed to reconcile the gaps and disconnections that result from racial equity miseducation in professional development. The workshops focus on enhancing the professional practices of partners necessary healthy racial transformation of individuals, partner institutions, and systems.

Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual Intensive 

Racial Equity Coaching

To augment the effectiveness of coaching and workshop sessions, Paraclete Partnerships engages with partners in virtual intensive racial equity coaching webinars. Virtual coaching webinars connect continued racial equity learning and partner ‘real-time’ development in their racial equity professional practice.



Paraclete Partnerships is a racial equity and racial justice coaching company established in order to work alongside partners in the process of manifesting their full developmental potential.


Together Paraclete Partnerships and partners progress in the harmony of healthy racial transformation.

  • Authentic Racial Partnership

  • Intensive Racial Coaching

  • Healthy Racial Transformation

Racial equity coaching calls for partners to engage in a process of gracious, compassionate, and sincere racial self-reflection. Likened to the progressive stages of transitioning from a medical student to an attending physician, partners work through the intensive developmental process necessary to enact highly effective racial equity performance capacity. Through this racial equity and justice coaching methodology, Paraclete Partnerships helps partners achieve healthy racial transformation


"Racial equity workers must ensure that they have manifested their integrity and character in the work of racial equity in an uncorrupted spirit of justice." 



Educator Humanitarian Oath


“In my class on race, racism, and education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I saw in him the rare ability to be both concise and expansive in his analysis of the ways in which White supremacy engrains itself in school systems and teaching practices. As a matter of professional opinion, it is my belief that his current capacities as an expert on the implementation of equity practices would lead to significant changes in the district.” 

- Professor David Stovall,

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

“Devon is highly skilled at leading discussion, asking questions, engaging mindful inquiry, and developing these traits in others. He has traveled the nation training staff in many schools on what it means to have a courageous conversation.” 

- Dr. Marcus A. Campbell,

Principal/Assistant Superintendent,

Evanston Township High School

“Devon’s dedication, patience and ability to teach through resistance are qualities that few possess to his level of expertise. Devon also incorporated advocacy for high quality reading curriculum and instruction into his racial equity leadership to advocate for his readers who have become curriculum casualties and underserved due to institutionalized racism and the soft bigotry of low expectations. Devon Alexander is a once in a lifetime hire. He is a transformative leader and teacher.” 

Kristen McKee, Ed.S.,

Coordinator of Learning Analytics and Supports 




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